Artificially Flavored Watermelon

Artificially Flavored Watermelon

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    Kaylin here, bringing some nice colors to get you ready for summer. It’s almost time for all the things we love about summer. I'm talkin’ pools, grill outs, complaining that it's too hot, and hiding in your house from the sun! 

   For summer I wanted to have a line of bright colors to choose from but it turns out neon pigments rarely exist in natural stones, go figure. So I've decided to go with dyed stones such as new jade, onyx, and tourmaline!

Today's bracelet is a new jade dyed watermelon pink! There's a lot of layering details in these beads that's really easy to see. The beads have been described as watery, like looking into a crystal clear still pool. We’ve added silver accents to this design to really keep the tones cool in check!


Name: Pink Watermelon

Size: 8mm

Material: New Jade (Serpentine gemstone)

Double threaded .06 stretch cord

Silver Crows Court Charm



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