Appalachian Conservation

I probably don't need to give you a long-winded monologue so I'll keep it short. I was lucky enough to grow up close to ancient earthworks like Fort Hill and Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio. Willie spent his childhood roaming through the woods of Eastern Kentucky behind his house for hours. Not sure whose property he was on...but that's beside the point. We all love the forests, mounds, (and bigfoots) of Appalachia. When you shop with us just know your dollars allow us to contribute every month to local conservation groups that protect the woods and ancient structures of Southern Ohio and Kentucky. 

Consider making a donation yourself to some of our favorites.


The Arc of Appalachia: 

The Arc of Appalachia acquires, stewards and protects wildlands in Ohio

The Arc of Appalachia has saved over 9000 acres of land in its 27 years of stewardship. Its 24 preserve regions protect over 1100 species of plants, 80 of which are state-listed as rare & endangered, and provide refuge for tens of thousands native plant and animal species.


Kentucky Heartwood:

Kentucky Heartwood seeks to protect and restore the integrity, stability, and beauty of Kentucky’s native forests and biotic communities through research, education, advocacy, and community engagement.