Lion Crest Vambraces Armor

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Each hide is different and every piece is handmade. Your vambraces will differ slightly from the one shown. However, we take pride in crafting each item at The Crow’s Court and your order will be made beautifully.

 Our leather vambraces are crafted completely by hand using 10-12 oz. full-grain skirting leather from Wickett & Craig. The standard width measurements of our vambraces are 7" at the wrist going up to 12" at the upper forearm just below the elbow. The overall length of the standard vambrace measures 8 and 3/4" on the inner side going up to 11 and 1/2" on the outside edge to protect and cover your elbow. This standard measurement will allow our vambrace to comfortably fit many different forearm sizes. If a different size is desired for a closer fit, simply send in your personal measurements for your wrist and upper forearm diameter, as well as the length between wrist and upper forearm and we will make your vambrace to meet your custom specifications. Additionally, you may also select any custom color scheme available or direct message to request a different color scheme.

  • For bracelets measure your wrist and add 1.5 inches. 7.5 inches or 8 inches will comfortably fit most wrists.
  • We donate monthly to private Appalachian Forest conservation groups.
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