Oyster Shell Mojave Turquoise Drop Earrings

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Oyster Shell Mojave Turquoise from Arizona.
Ranging in size from 10x8 to 11x9mm stones.

Oyster shell turquoise is a composite stone. Made by combining turquoise, copper, and spiny oyster shells. This strengthens the turquoise and added beautiful veins of color throughout.

These stones are wrapped in 26g copper wire. Drop chains are .5, 1, and 1.5 inches long. 
You can request shorter or longer chains.

-Every gemstone is unique and our items are handmade. So no single item can be exactly the same. The item you receive may differ slightly from the one pictured.

-Remove jewelry before bathing, swimming, doing dishes, or other activities that may expose copper to water or other substances. Store in a cool dry place when not being worn. Copper is a soft metal do not apply excessive force or put in a pocket. 

-Please keep in mind that all monitors are not created equal and color may vary slightly from one monitor to another. 

  • For bracelets measure your wrist and add 1.5 inches. 7.5 inches or 8 inches will comfortably fit most wrists.
  • We donate monthly to private Appalachian Forest conservation groups.
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